Me, Myself, and My Weekend


What a busy week!

In such a crazy time, I need to relax and unwind with a post about me, and what I am doing for myself and my healing process this weekend.

Friday night started with a play! I was tired and bored, but some quality time with family kicked off my weekend. Here I just want to note that I feel everyone feels so scared/guilty to feel, inwardly or outwardly, that an experience was not completely perfect in every way. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this experience. I have tried more and more to admit to myself that an experience can be stressful, painful, or worse than expected, and not feel guilty for experiencing that emotion.

Anyway, back to the point. On Saturday, I spent some time in bed watching TV. Definitely, something I try to do less and less (and will do less as I am feeling extra motivated rn), but at the same time something I really needed. By Saturday, I hadn’t had time to unwind, breathe, and spend some time doing absolutely nothing since Tuesday. So needless to say I needed some Netflix!

Then, I got some exercise in with a hike. I felt motivated and bright. However, touching on the point of experiences being far from the perfect, I had cravings all day to binge eat. Managing not eating unhealthy foods posed to be a challenge I was unable to win. However, I still cleaned up my room, watched some (more) TV, and made it a good start to a great week.

Sunday, I got a great sleep. I was so thrilled to finally feel well rested! I then headed off to work, where I walked around a bit, and am now having a long break between tasks. I will head home around 12, maybe drive a bit to clear my head, and am planning on some healthy exercise and an efficient rest of the day!

Hope all of your weekends were amazing and yet imperfect as well!

Please email with questions, comments, or concerns!

Love always,



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