Interning: Tips, Tricks, and Theories from TES

I started my internship a few days ago. Shortly, I adjusted to the people, the culture, and my lack of experience. SO, from mindset to Mondays, I have some tips for any current or future interns that come from the heart!

My first tip is not to overextend yourself. An article I read earlier this week reported to me that only 1% of Danes work over 50 hours a week. That’s very few!

You shouldn’t feel like you have to attend every event, or do every task, or work every hour. Just try to make an impression for the hours that you are available. If you take time for yourself, your internship will be more positive because of it.

My tip two is to always dress more formal. Swap those leggings for dark jeans or slacks. Swap a tee for a blouse, a short skirt for a maxi, and a sundress for something business or well-fitting. By dressing more conservatively, I have felt more professional, enlightened, and happy in my internship.

A little more related to me in specific, I work on a campaign. Doing so is, at times stressful. There are weekend/night commitments and a lot of mindless tasks to do. Nonetheless, there are days when I feel like I’m not helping out. To manage this, I take time off, make sure I do all I can, try to learn quickly, and avoid asking ‘what should I be doing’. Instead, I ask ‘how may I help’, and by doing so open myself up to positive thoughts of others and new opportunities.

My final note is that, though you want to make a good impression, your self-care comes first always. I have made sure to eat healthily, sleep well, and still do what makes me happy. Maybe you have a hard day or week, but don’t make it more than that. Know that from internship to lifestyle, you have power and control over your happiness.

Love always,



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