Sickness and Disease; The Enlightened Student’s Guide to Healing (Mentally and Physically)

Every single one of us deals with sickness. From listening to/reading about amazing souls like the Balanced Blonde, etc. I have realized that every single one of us has a healing journey to take.

Frankly, there is a bit of a negative stigma around healing. Everyone around us tells us that to heal, there must be something wrong with us. But, whether you deal with chronic disease and severe mental illness, or just feel that you could be happier in your everyday life, there is nothing wrong with healing.

I have dealt with a variety of chronic diseases. I have always had a skin disorder called lichen sclerosis, and chronic acne that pops up in stressful times. However, I have been swamped with hardship in the last two years, for in those years alone I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (aka thyroid disease), eczema and rosacea, chronic migraines and fatigue, and severe anxiety. Learning to manage these diseases is really challenging, and also really personal. I have such a specific mix of ailments that I need to really test the waters before trying any new product/diet/routine or regimen. The only way to know that something will be healing for me is to give it a go.

Thus, the first lesson to learn here is that healing is a baby-step process. Nobody heals in a day. Nobody heals in a week. Nobody heals in a year. In fact, maybe… nobody really heals. We constantly change jobs and relationships and locations while getting more or less stereotypically ‘healthy’ or ‘sick’, and simultaneously aging. What I need one day may be drastically different from what I need the next.

To deal with this, I have to learn to identify my needs. This is actually a lot harder than it sounds. Society teaches us all to be so self-critical and helpful to others, that putting ourselves first can be a challenge. Even when I am able to take up space in my life, I end up feeling guilty that I flaked on a friend, spent too much on self-care, or had to vent to a loved one. Instead, we should all be forgiving to ourselves. I tell myself daily

Your health is the most important thing in your life. Tell yourself and others what you need. You are not selfish, you are healing. You are beautiful, kind, and amazing, and you’ve got this!’ 

And, while on the note of forgiving ourselves, I oftentimes feel angry at myself for being upset. By telling myself I shouldn’t be allowed to feel or express an emotion, I stunt my growth and healing process. This brings me to the second lesson of healing, that healing is a learning experience. We learn what we need, what our schedule should look like, how we express emotion in happy, sad, and stressful situations. I try to stay mindful of the way I feel and act, and thus can observe how best I need to heal.

Finally, I just want to note that editing my lifestyle has been the most healing thing for me. More than just one product, exercise, or food, changing the way I sleep (8 hours per night minimum now) drink water, and eat mindfully and throughout small meals makes me feel better.

I challenge you all to go out and heal! See what you can learn, and as always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.




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