Studying and Stress; How to manage anxiety and get a good grade!

Trust me, with finals coming up (or maybe already passed) I know how hard studying can be. I put immense amounts of pressure on myself to do well, so I know how stressful it can be to be enveloped in feelings of anxiety and self-doubt. In fact, at this very moment, I should probably be practicing vocabulary words or rehearsing my final presentation.


I took a break from all of that to let you guys know that you’ve got this, and fill you all in on some tips for studying. Enjoy!!

1. Stay hydrated, rested, fulfilled, and fed!

I know that’s kind of a tall order. However, making sure you drink 10 cups of water a day, getting 9-10 hours of sleep around testing times, and exercising to release endorphins are some of the best methods for studying.

Eating-wise, make sure you don’t overeat, but make sure you budget time for meals. Eat raw, healthy, and protein filled for energy and good vibes. My favorite breakfast smoothie before a test is right here! (Note: I substitute almond milk for water, add some vegan protein powder, and cut out the ice and hemp seeds). It has spirulina, which makes you happier, more awake instantly, and is a great detox for those stressful days.

Also, make sure you set aside some time for you. Whether it’s binge-watching the new season of 13RW, reading, playing an instrument, or just hours on end of meditation or yoga, doing what you love in a time of stress can make all the difference.

2. Make a notecard 

Some teachers allow students to have notecards on their tests. While flashcards are great, my study method of choice is to make a notecard with the information you realllllly need and study it like its all in the world. Acting like you’re sorting out the most vital things is what can really boost your studying skills.

3. And finally, because I really should get back to my studying, have positive mantras for yourself.

Whether they are from a positive app like shine, or your friends or teachers, or own mind, repeat things like:

“I am great

I can do it

I am powerful

I am badass

I will get through this!”

Making sure you reaffirm that you are amazing can bring your goals to a reality and your hopes to life!

As always, with questions, comments, or concerns, reach out to me at

Thanks for reading!




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