Cultivate Kindness

Most people have some sort of saying to live by. Quotes from heroes, mantras, religious text, etc. Really, mine is quite simple. In life, I aim to inspire and cultivate kindness. But what does this mean?
When you cultivate kindness, you spark inspiration, love, and happiness, for yourself or another. To cultivate kindness, you have to be forgiving. Forgiving of yourself, and of others. Remind yourself that the past is the past. Remind others that without forgiveness, forward motion doesn’t exist.
Notice the moments of forgiveness and kindness in your life. It’s utterly important to know that kindness can be a grand gesture or a minimal smile. Simply feeling better yourself cultivates kindness.
To cultivate kindness, you have to feel love for others. If you cannot love those around you, you cannot change the world.
But more clearly, cultivating kindness isn’t always an outward act. Cultivating kindness can be something that radiates positivity inward. Make yourself happier. Maybe you need to take a day off of work, or spend some time at a spa, or reading a good book, or eating good food, etc. Self-care makes the world a better place, by inspiring you to make it so.
Smile, and watch others become happier around you. Whether you are truly positive or struggling on the inside, try to stay positive. It makes you kinder and will make others kinder in turn.
Try to let down your guard. Go outside and make a connection. Find time to relax, and tell yourself and others what you really need in life. Again, you can’t be kind to others if you aren’t kind to yourself first.
Know that feeling sad, anxious, or angry isn’t reprimandable. We all have bad days. We all have bad weeks and years. We can’t truly put good into the world unless we allow ourselves to feel bad, and forgive ourselves for that.
And furthermore, in the same way, that we shouldn’t feel critical about our sadnesses, struggles, and defeats, we shouldn’t feel critical about any other aspect of ourselves. Noticing negative thoughts, and changing our self-narrative can allow us to truly radiate happiness. With this, we begin to make the world a better place on a vibrant scale.
If you remain stumped on ways to radiate positivity and cultivate kindness, try a random act. Pay for someone’s meal. Buy a friend a flower. Make a card, or give someone a ride, or smile brightly at a stranger. The most simple way to be kind is to give a genuine compliment. Simple, easy, and can make such a difference! I try to give at least one person a compliment every single day.
Lastly, don’t feel down if you can’t always be Mother-Teresa tantamount. Know that you are deserving of love and kindness, and if you at least try to put it out there, you will receive it in return.
Love always,



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