Those Who Inspire Me

Happy Spring!
I want to start by noting that spring is my favorite season. The process of warming up, growing, and becoming excited about plans ahead is undeniably amazing! On a more topical note, having just recently started this blog, I feel that it is necessary to acknowledge bloggers/podcast-makers/writers who inspire me to change my lifestyle, write, love, laugh and learn! Clearly, I can’t mention every blogger or writer, etc. who I love (and won’t even try to get into those actually present and in person in my life who have inspired me). But… I can still try to mention a few!
Being who I am, so specific and organized about so many things, I like to even organize what inspires me. In more understandable terms, I split up my inspirations into sections that are as follows:
– Lifestyle, Food, Fashion, and More!
These blogs/podcasts/people are those who really inspire me to eat, dress, exercise, sleep, and live differently. Without these various mediums in my life, I would be less happy, healthy, and inspired by unquantifiable amounts. So let’s get down to the inspirations!
The first is The Balanced Blonde blog, podcast, and social media presence. Her posts about healthy eating, meditation, love, and living, reach across the age barrier to inspire me to try new things and find what I love. I love TBB because she not only shares her journey but interviews so many interesting people who share their stories as well!
Secondly, I love the Shakespeare loves Chanel blog. This podcast has some quality tips and great outfit and lifestyle, confidence, etc. inspiration. Definitely, a blog to make you think (think about visiting it…) finding the absolute best advice you’ll ever get from some great gals.
My last lifestyle-related inspirational entity seems a little obvious, but even with all the hype it receives, I feel it is still under-rated. Goop has the most inspiring tips, most interesting interviews, and most fascinating information to share. Whether you can afford all the products and lifestyle or not, you need to check it out. Anything you have heard, good or bad, doesn’t sum up how great Goop is for every reader/listener.
Moving on, my second category is,
If you haven’t yet seen my blog post on becoming a minimalist, definitely go check it out! Although so many articles and books have inspired my journey of becoming more minimalistic (trust me, just a google search of ‘minimalism’ is fascinating beyond belief), my favorite minimalism focused blog is The Minimalist Taurus. Her tips on lifestyle, stories shared, and consistent simplicity and neatness are not only life-changing to read- but fun as well! Go check her out!
2 things that go hand in hand. These blogs/podcasts are my go-to for some bomb women and badass writers.
Starting with podcasts,
I love the new Spotify podcast, Lenny Says. It is compiled of stories by and about women and is so funny and enlightening on so many topics. If you haven’t listened yet, stop reading right now and go queue up an episode. The best!!
I also love the Girlboss with Sophia Amoruso radio. (yes, this is the woman who the Netflix must-see is based on. check that one out as well) This particular podcast is a newer discovery of mine, but I’m really getting into listening to the amazing women she gets to meet with.
Also a newer podcast, starting out with just a few episodes as of now. But, I love the divided states of women podcast. This is such a feminist podcast (btw, I hate the bad rep on that word). All this to say, it supports women and women’s topics and talks about some really controversial things in some really eye-opening ways. The women on the podcast are so fascinating and diverse, they make this podcast a must.
Moving on to blogs, I have one main one for this category. This blog is so personal and has so many life lessons to learn in its many posts. Definitely a go-to when I’m feeling down, have some time on my hands, or want some extra inspiration!
-Literature and Learning

Lastly, I have this section because clearly everyone needs some great book recommendations, short stories, poems, and education in their lives!!

Getting right to it, my podcast for this section is civics 101. Atm, this is definitely my favorite podcast. It discusses topics from DACA to development aid with some crazy smart people in a very unbiased way. Go fill up on facts now on Spotify, apple music, etc. with this podcast!Blogs-wise, I love both and Both blogs with great writing and thoughts, based around affirmations, reading new materials and expanding your mindset. Must-reads!


thanks for sorting through this scattered pile of my thoughts on some of my biggest sources of inspiration, love, and boredom-relievers. Please give these producers/writers a glance, they are so, so great!

Thank you,

–the enlightened student.


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