How I Write (Genres, Moods, and a Question for my Readers!)

The writing process is so variant from person to person- and can even vary so much throughout one’s lifetime.

For me, I write best when I am motivated, energetic, and inspired. Getting a healthy snack and water, my computer, some concentration-boosing music, and a comfy blanket boost my productivity a ton, but also create a great environment for me.

More specifically, I enjoy writing different styles in different ways. When I blog, I do it in bursts, for hours, or days, in a huge wave of inspiration (I know, it is as great as it sounds!) On the contrary, when writing poetry, I prefer paper, low-key vibes, and just twenty minutes to an hour of letting my emotions flow.

And, as the enlightened student when writing for school (whether it is informative, innovative, argumentative, or opinionated), I get my work done promptly and in a focused manner. I always check with Grammarly (which is, at this point, a lifesaver), and read out loud a few times to check.

Writing has, throughout my life, been a major stress reliever for me. So in whatever way I write, be it organized or messy or creative or structured, I really enjoy taking time to focus, get in the zone, and learn from what flows onto the page.

Please comment what your writing process is, and if you have any questions about my writing, lifestyle, or advice and research for you all.

Have a great day!!

–The Enlightened Student


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