Holiday to Greece and Paris; Information about Initial Plans!

I am planning a JAM-PACKED trip to Europe this summer. While the exact itinerary hasn’t been worked out yet, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give tips, updates, and facts about trip planning in general, and planning a trip to Paris and Greece.dad9d25fb6621312511aa9c2e6857a36 If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to ask. I know there is a fine line between exciting and stressful with trip planning, and I want to do all I can to 2018-planner-image2help out. 


My trip is quickly approaching, as I am planning to leave in the first days of June.My transportation is booked (flights, ferries,etc.) — for the most part at least! I always book transport first before moving on to hotels, activities, and so on so forth. I definitely am starting this planning process a little bit later than is average for me. Nonetheless, I am trying to stay organized, tidy, and low key.


Anyway, back to the itinerary. As soon as I land in Athens (after a LONG day of travel), I will be whisked away to the tiny island of Tinos. There I will stay with a fsantorini-53c9e0dca77briend for a few days. This will be an amazing way to relax and unwind, and exploring little towns on the coast of a beautiful Greek paradise may be my actual ideal vacation. (Mamma Mia, anyone?). Then I take a ferry over to Santorini. This view-filled island also has laid-back vibes, with good food, swimming, and fun culture.santorini_wide_staircase_560 Santorini has been on my bucket list since I was SO young, so visiting is an actual dream come true. In fact, my dream wedding is in Santorini ;). 


After my mini cruise around the Greek archipelagos, I head to Athens. Here, I will spend a few days visiting the Acropolis, walking around neighborhoods, and eating good food. Based on budget and vibes, I may even take a day trip up to Delphi (see picture to the rightdelphi206 or google for a quick Greek history lesson).


Just a quick note that I will only be in Greece for about 8 days. I am getting a lot in really quickly, in the hopes that one day I will visit again and see everything with just a bit more depth.


Moving on, from Athens I fly directly to Paris. With some seemingly sketchy web-surfing, I was able to find some very affordable flights on highly rated airlines. I shutterstock_111362132will be in Paris for the final 4 days of my trip, hopefully visiting some top attractions (gardens, museums, the Eiffel tower), along with some more quiet locations. Luckily, one of my traveling buddies is a French expert (in all aspects), so I am not worried about having a great tour guide. 


Throughout this magnificent trip, I will be dressing light, eating lighter, packing almost nothing. But I am trying to keep my budget light as well. In attempts to minimize my expenses for these pricey destinations, I plan to eat cheap. Eating at nicfrench-foode restaurants for a big lunch is a TOP recommendation from many past visitors, but many also say that you can find food that is incredibly yummy and high quality for 10% the cost of some of the hundred dollar European meals you’ll come across. I am also staying in affordable Airbnb apartments and homes. airbnb-thumb-300Airbnb is a travel NEED for everyone, and I have found cute little apartments and homes in all of my destinations for under $55 a night per person consistently.

Further details (outfits, computer/wifi-access, activities) are yet to come, but I am open to all questions, and am so glad to be planning and sharing this vacation!!


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